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Mark Archibald, Daily Sun columnist

The 2021 Major League Baseball Season is less than a week old and controversy has already crept across the lines. Last Friday, the decision was made to move baseball’s All-Star Game, and professional baseball draft from Atlanta.

The change was a reaction to Georgia’s Legislature taking action to affect voting across the Peach State. Governor, Brian Kemp’s, affixed signature was seen as a high and tight fastball toward those who want to make voting more accessible.

Baseball joined Delta Airlines and Coca Cola’s executives, as well as scores of other individuals who condemned the law. Much like efforts to combat voter suppression and intimidation, actions to discourage voter fraud should continue, though occurrences of fraud appear to be rare.

During the last two decades there have been 143 convictions of absentee voter fraud in the United States. Additionally, although many continue to that assert that widespread voter fraud happened in 2020, dozens of cases brought by the Trump campaign in various state and federal courts were found to have no standing, dismissed, or withdrawn.

As a baseball fan, I’m left wondering why it’s easier to vote on who will take part in this year’s mid-summer classic, than it will be to cast a ballot for who will represent Americans in government?

Sometimes it’s necessary to take a stand regardless of the consequences, but this action may prove costly. It’s estimated that the decision to move the All-Star Game will cost the city of Atlanta and surrounding area millions in economic activity and revenue.

Individuals and small business owners who desperately need an economic jumpstart, have unfortunately, again found themselves blindsided at the intersection of politics and social awareness.

The irony is that several states including Texas moved at the first opportunity to tighten voting regulations but weren’t as willing to swiftly engage in efforts to mitigate the spread of the virus which initially necessitated shutting off the economic engine.

Voting should be more accessible, but in order to make a vote count we must also be informed. I implore all registered voters exercise their right and responsibility by voting in the upcoming May 1, 2021 uniform and Congressional Special Election.

Residents have the opportunity to attend a political candidate forum hosted by the Corsicana and Navarro County Chamber of Commerce on Thursday, April, 8 at the Palace Theater. The forum will feature local candidates and those vying for Texas’s Sixth District Congressional Seat. Members of the audience can submit questions for candidates before the event.

Even as some continue to question aspects of our nation’s foundations and the fundamental reliability of our democratic systems; registered voters have the opportunity to lawfully seek the changes we desire.

I’m passionate about voting rights because I’ve experienced missing out on important activities because things aren’t equal or accessible. At times we are convinced that something is good enough, but 47 states introducing 361 bills further restricting voting access demands immediate attention. No one should face additional challenges in order to participate in a sentinel freedom which protects and maintains our republic.

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