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Mark Archibald, Daily Sun columnist

There are weeks when choosing a title for this column is more difficult than others. Normally, I attempt to draw attention to a current topic of political conversation, sports or family. Today’s header has multiple meanings.

I’m sure some are expecting me to excoriate the Texas Democrats who broke quorum and left Austin during the special legislative session. In actuality, I’m indifferent about their trip to our nation’s capital. Honestly, I find the fact that millions of Texans fail to vote in consequential elections much more distressing than the dozens of individuals who boarded a plane to Washington, D.C. to lobby federal legislators.

Keep in mind, at least in this circumstance, that members of Congress are meeting with real people. Usually, Congress’s irregular meeting schedule, allows more than enough time to gladhand donors in order to inflate their campaign coffers. Texas is a large and diverse state, all of its population deserves representation, the ideas some are advocating for don’t always coincide with a partisan agenda.

Those who left should, and will fairly be asked by their constituents about their absences at the ballot box. In the meantime, all of the handwringing and political pearl clutching is just theater. If the tables were reversed Republicans would be cheering every procedural twist and episode of obstruction.

Any notion to the contrary is either a well-meaning falsehood or an example of blatant hypocrisy, advanced by the majority. It’s time for hyper partisanship to hit the road once and for all.

Because I’m a happy workaholic, I’ve yet to take a vacation this year. Like my father, I find great satisfaction in going to work and finishing a job.

I knew that an ongoing Congressional race and the beginning of budget season in Corsicana and Navarro County, would distract me from my planned July vacation, so I’ll reschedule it for a less busy time.

I am not conceded enough to believe that I’m the only one who can report this news, rather it’s a desire to always be where the story is, which drives me. I consider myself lucky to do this job, even if my occasional eye rolls are noticed by politicians. I welcome them to take heed because those who are elected must be held accountable.

I do want to vacation again; to recharge, enjoy visits with friends and blood relation, and others who I’m lucky enough to call family. In the interim I’ve distracted myself with important and enjoyable work.

Obviously, the pandemic changed many things, including halting travel, and sadly, caused the need for multiple elections in Congressional District Six.

Thanks to technology, and sometimes steady camera work, I was able to take a virtual road trip last weekend to watch my niece play in a softball tournament. The results were mixed but that didn’t matter. I love watching her play, no matter the outcome. I was riveted by every pitch and unlike with my professional pursuits, I was pleased the home plate umpire couldn’t see my eyes roll.

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