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Mark Archibald, Daily Sun columnist

William Shakespeare was reported to have been born on April 23, 1564, although because of unreliable records, there’s no way to be absolute about the date’s accuracy. His works were poignant, the playwright’s thoughts on love, romance, comedy, and tragedy have endured for centuries. Within Hamlet, he offered “brevity is the soul of wit.”

His gifts made it look easy, but uncomplicating this world takes time. Despite what we are told, shades of gray highlight nearly every issue.

As society continues to ponder, a thought creeps its way across my brain, how can I be certain of a decision? Hubris is something with which we all contend. Acknowledging its existence means the process will take longer but those who do will normally reap the benefits. A willingness to question is sometimes considered heresy, by authority, though truth it usually is found somewhere in between the extremes.

I wasn’t always a questioner, I once followed party orthodoxy without much hesitation. I thought that Republicans had the answers and that the Democrats were wrong at every turn, as far as Independents I believed like talk radio icon Rush Limbaugh, who said that they knew what they thought but were too afraid to express it and risk condemnation from the masses. Independents, he believed, liked the power they wielded close to election time. While I believe they aren’t the only group which craves electoral power, or needs to be courted and convinced, their shift has the power to swing elections.

I later diverged from Limbaugh because grew to understand that Independents were not afraid to share their views, they just required more than the 30 second commercial or a pithy slogan to convince them to pledge their support one side or the other.

I stopped being a regular listener in 2014, not because I didn’t appreciate his viewpoints, but I didn’t require a replay performed by individuals who didn’t offer an equal entertainment value. Instead, I wanted to hear what neighbors’ constituents and influencers in my area had to say.

I still trust in limited government and continue to hold many other conservative tenants, yet I stop short of believing that either side is populated by evil or meritless people. Regular folks who are seeking solutions to the issues of our day need to be amplified, and challenged. Ask questions, follow up and maintain. Conversing with politicians of any ideology isn’t difficult. I’ve found it’s partisans who should be taken with a grain of salt.

A few weeks ago, my dad’s cousin called and remarked how much I had grown. You’re starting to see shades of gray he said, it’s a lot more fun to talk to you now that you aren’t so certain. During our conversation last week, I wished the loving father and grandfather a happy birthday. We discussed the day’s issues and listened to each other for more than an hour, it was well worth the time.

It may be hubris but I’m thinking even Bill Shakespeare wasn’t always right.

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