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They were just ordinary people, with extraordinary courage. People of character, courage, and undeniable faith in the face of horrifying tragedy.

Over 3,000 innocent lives were taken from us on Sept. 11, 2001. So many courageously and generously aided their fellow citizens in one of America's greatest times of need.

Sept, 11, 2001, will forever be one of the most tragic days in American history. Through the unimaginable anguish , however, ordinary Americans imprinted into our history remarkable examples of bravery, of sacrifice for one another, and of dedication to our shared morals and principals. The shock from the lasting images of the smoke rising from the World Trade Center and Pentagon gave way to limitless inspiring pictures and videos of co-workers helping one another to safety, of heroes running into collapsing buildings numerous times to save the innocent people trapped and to the unforgettable story of those patriots who charged the cockpit of Flight 93 to save an untold numbers of lives. These heroes touched us and moved us with their bravery. They make should make us all proud to be Americans.

It has been 18 years since the tragedy of Sept. 11, 2001. The tragic events of that day did not defeat us. We had on that day and still have to this day, enemies that attempt to tear at the foundation of our country by destroying what we have worked hard to establish and by taking the lives of our innocent. But our strength continues to show that we will not waiver. It has made us come together and become stronger. I believe it made us rally and become even more united. We stay courageous, strong and unwavering when tragedy strikes our nation. As with the spirit of service and self sacrifice that Americans demonstrated on Sept. 11, 2001, it is in the most difficult times, the majority of people are most compelled to help and rise to the occasion. It is in times such as these we see the humanity and the kindness of strangers at its best.

On this anniversary, I invite everyone to remember and to thank our incredible service members and first responders, who are always on the front lines of our fight against terrorism. We must remember every innocent victim, every brave rescuer and every brave hero, who died in honor. We should always remember every family that still lives in grief. We must remember the fire and the images of the ruins in ash, the last phone calls from the hero's on those airplanes and the thousands of funerals of innocent children, loving parents, brothers, sisters, and the brave rescuers who made a difference.

Those whose lives ended so tragically on 9/11, came from many different backgrounds, different religions, and different identity groups. For some, they died so that we could live and their last moments were of courage in seeking to save their fellow human beings. They were just ordinary people, with extraordinary courage. People of character, courage, and undeniable faith in the face of horrifying tragedy. Their deaths from the terrorist attacks were not an end. The lives lost, the courageous acts of countless heroes and the families left behind, will be remembered by Americans, forever. They decided, acted and made a difference by doing something.

"All that is necessary for the triumph of evil, is that good men do nothing."


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