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Once again, we return to the smartphone and its capacity to replace a lot of gadgets we use in personal and professional settings. A lot of smartphones today have high definition cameras that can snap beautiful photos and can record smooth, high quality videos as well.

Thanks to their ability to connect to the internet, anything you record can easily be uploaded online within minutes of recording, or even stream a video live from an application or website. But smartphones can be difficult to utilize due to their shape; they're a flat, flimsy little screen that can be hard to hold in your hands.

Standard tripods don't really accommodate for smartphones either, so often you have to jury-rig something yourself for your tripod to hold your phone. The folks at Picbot didn't like that, but when making their own tripod, they put a little … extra into their design.


What is it?: A tripod robot for smartphones.

What does it do?: Makes easy panorama, timelapse videos and facetracks movement.

How do you use it?: Attach your phone to the tripod mount and use the Picbot app.

How is it convenient?: Allows hands-free video and photo recording.

Overall feedback: Very Positive.

Recommended?: Yes.

Cost?: $200 (Goes on sale for $90).




Picbot is a smartphone mount that's designed to help you capture every moment perfectly in picture or video, using automatic facial tracking, timelapse, and panorama. The tripod can rotate a full 360 degrees so you don't have to worry about limitations in how far it can rotate.


Using the Picbot app, you can tap into many of its features. The most favorable feature is tracking movement while video recording; let's say that you want to host a video blog featuring you cooking in the kitchen, or doing a do-it-yourself construction project, whatever you want to record yourself doing. Setting up the camera and Picbot mount, your smartphone will track your movement and keep you in the center of the shot at all times while you move about.


The picbot is also great for panorama and timelapse videos (timelapse is when you watch a video where things are sped up).


In terms of operation, it can work for a straight six hours, requiring only two hours to charge afterwards. You can purchase a battery pack to keep it working longer than six hours. The app can use both the front and back camera of your smartphone, can be mounted either vertically or horizontally, and can even mount phones in cases.


The only downside so far is that certain video features such as face tracking only works in the app, so if you're using another livestream app on your phone to record, the automatic feature is unusable. Thankfully Picbot comes with a bluetooth remote control that you can use to manually swivel the mount. Another thing to be aware of is the mount only supports the weight of smartphones; tablets and iPads are a bit too heavy to hold for the mount.


The Picbot retails for $200, but touchofmodern.com is known to have this item on sale for $90 at times.


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