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This week my husband and I attended the Corsicana and Navarro County Chamber of Commerce Quarterly Luncheon. We joined the Chamber for our Law Office, but the benefits of membership run deeper than just good business sense.

Besides being a wellspring of networking, their events provide the opportunity for learning. Our speaker this go ‘round was John Boswell, the new Economic Development Director for Corsicana.

I’ve had the opportunity to listen to and attend several meetings and discussions on economic development in multiple communities over the course of the past year. I’ve heard all kinds of statistics and figures. Learned about the ins and outs of landing that big project and corporate infrastructure.

The focus of this presentation was different.  Sure, he told us a little about what his office has been doing and their efforts to try to increase our tax base by bringing in new business, but then the focus shifted.

Mr. Boswell said that he gets asked all the time what we as individual citizens can do to help Corsicana, and his answer was both profound and insightful: Get positive.

When the corporate executives from giant organizations begin to investigate bringing their business to Corsicana, they come to visit, he said. They don’t wear a sign announcing who they are, but rather just start moving about town and taking it all in. And they listen.

They listen to both the good and the bad. Negativity spreads. And for whatever reason there can be a tendency to focus on what’s in need of improvement, rather than all of the things that make our wonderful town special and unique.

Indeed it’s true that negativity spreads, but so too does positivity. So the call to action to improve Corsicana is to speak warmly about it like someone you actually like: To look for and celebrate the good.

During our discussion, Joanna Fritz, President of the Chamber of Commerce, proposed a great idea: What if every person took to social media and commented with five positive things about Corsicana, then challenging five people to do the same.

We could create a positivity wave. And that wave wouldn’t only be noticeable to prospective businesses considering making Corsicana their new corporate home. It would be felt by each and every resident, helping improve our morale, and more clearly see all the blessings with which our community is already endowed.

So I’m going to start by doing my part right here and right now. My husband and I chose to relocate from our home in Dallas and could have gone anywhere. We chose Corsicana a year ago and have since met lots of other folks who have also done the same.

 Corsicana is a wonderful place to be and has many delightful offerings: A fun downtown with which to shop and stroll, great parks to hang out or play sports, a growing creative arts community, interesting and caring people to call friends and neighbors, not to mention the most breathtaking sunsets.

From talking with y’all, I know there’s at least five of you reading this, so here’s your call to action: Please take to your social media, feel free to tag me, tell us five things you love about our town, and encourage five folks to do the same. C’mon y’all, let’s start a positivity train!

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