London Lawhon is a name you’ve likely heard a lot lately. This little lady is a Corsicana native who moved out to Houston several years ago. Her family’s still here and she comes back to visit regularly.

The twenty-year old rocker has been making headlines for her run on the smash television hit American Idol, which airs Sunday and Monday nights on ABC.

In her interview this week, she explained a lot of the interesting inner workings of the television show. Starting with the fact that she had actually auditioned last season, but failed to make it to the judge’s round. This year it was Idol who contacted her, initially asking her to come try out again in Dallas.

After that initial vetting process, the producers had her head out to the Los Angeles auditions to be seen by the judges in November. Her audition wasn’t aired on the TV show, despite the fact that she was a three vote “yes” to make it into the next round, known as “Hollywood Week”.

London said the focus on backstories over auditions is something that might change in future years of the show to more of its original formatting, which focused more on showcasing the auditions.

When asked how her audition went, she told stories about Katy Perry stopping her instantly when she walked in the room to take pictures of her, as London does hair and makeup and admittedly reports that her look can be over the top.

For her LA judge’s panel audition, she sang Roxanne by The Police, while holding Katy Perry’s dog. First Luke gave her a yes. Then Lionel. And then Katy gave her a golden ticket to Hollywood Week in exchange for the return of her Poodle.

In the next round of judging, she sang Never Tear Us Apart by INXS, and received lots of great feedback. Despite the fact that the judges decided not to have her advance to the next round, she was given a lot of good camera time during Hollywood Week, perhaps signaling a return in a future season, when they’re looking specifically for what she has to offer as an artist.

When asked about her musical influences, London said that she’s a mix of rockin’ and pretty stylistically, and likes to tattoo them as reminders, citing Led Zeppelin and Freddie Mercury as examples.

Meanwhile, London seems happy with her Idol experience this season, and had nothing but positive things to say about how things have been going for her since her return home. She’s been getting requests for lots of gigs, and says her media exposure has skyrocketed.

One thing she’s excited about is that her social media contacts have become very interactive, where people are now engaging with her in a much more meaningful way. She’s also been given opportunities for musical collaborations and is working on a couple of singles that are slated for release hopefully over the summer.

In the final assessment, she said the experience left her feeling validated in what she is doing, making her dreams come true one step at a time. And you’ve got two chances to share in London’s vision, as she’s playing a couple of hometown shows: 11 a.m. To 12:30 p.m. Saturday, April 13t at the Old Lumberyard for Mimosas at the Market & its one year anniversary, and then she’s playing a second show from 7 to 9 p.m. at Mita’s Coffee House & Fine Foods.

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