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There’s something magical about sitting out on the corner. And that’s exactly what we did last night during the Derrick Days “Wine Stroll” through the shops of Downtown. I had gotten an email weeks ago about participating in the event, but somehow my brain didn’t register how our criminal defense law firm would be able to contribute or participate.

By Tuesday of this week, as I saw our fellow business neighbors posting on social media about what they would be offering, it clicked: We didn’t have to exactly fit in to be a part of the group. Sure, we’re not a boutique with pretty things to buy, and wine with which to sip while you shop. But neither is Outside the Lines – they opted for a kids’ improv class and passed out apple cider. And neither is Mita’s – they set up on their patio and handed out Italian Soda.

It suddenly dawned on me: There’s a place for everybody and we can be exactly who we are: A criminal defense law firm. So we went to the store and picked up a few cases of beer. Grabbed a card table and our promotional items: Matchboxes and bottle openers and little bags with chocolates. Threw on our logo t-shirts. And literally stood on a street corner talking with people for a couple of hours.

Not exactly fitting in didn’t even turn out to be a detriment. Even though we decided too late to participate, so we weren’t on any of the literature or maps for the event, somehow people knew we were there. The entire event we had people walking up with some rendition of “we hear y’all have beer”… because we were the only ones who’d made that decision.

By being outside, instead of setting up in the office, we also had the opportunity to chat with lots of folks who weren’t even looking for us, but were on their way to the next stop on the mapped out stroll. Not to mention the weather was amazing and lots of friends also stopped by just to say hi.

It wound up being an amazing opportunity to have both casual and in depth discussions with some pretty amazing Corsicana folks that we might not have otherwise had the opportunity to meet. Ranchers, politicians, sales and repair folks, and a whole slew of people whose occupation never came up in the conversation.

People from different backgrounds. People from different hometowns. People I’ve never before seen Downtown. All just out for a nice stroll.

Yes, there’s something magical about spending some good old-fashioned quality time out on a street corner. It gives you the opportunity to meet people at the intersection of you and them. We don’t have to be the same to fit in. in our community, there is room for everybody, if only we can have the courage to put ourselves out there and be seen.

Next year for the Wine Stroll I’ll make sure we’re on the map. But for our first Derrick Days as Corsicana residents, I’m just grateful we were there.

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