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There are hardly words to say how satisfying Infinity War is as not just a movie, but as the cap off to over 16 movies in a 10 year span. Marvel created a cinematic universe where everything is connected and it culminates in the titanic movie that opened last weekend. This will be as spoiler free as I can manage, because everyone should be able to go into Infinity War with fresh eyes.

This is not just a comic book movie. There is heart in this film that I was not expecting. The relationships, the friendships, the adversaries - they each play off of the other in order to deepen the film and give it total and complete impact. I’ve heard there is comic book movie fatigue setting in. And that might be true, but Marvel has found a way to keep their movies fresh, different and moving forward. Infinity War is no different.

After countless threats from the big, bad Thanos over the years, he’s now come to face off against our heroes. And the Mad Titan isn’t coming alone. He’s bringing his Black Order to help him retrieve the Infinity Stones. Each stone possesses an attribute – power, reality, mind, space, time, and soul that allow the one using it complete mastery over it. These are cosmic gems of unimaginable power that when harnessed together through the Infinity Gauntlet will allow Thanos to fulfill his mad quest.

There are unexpected team ups in this film that allow for new relationships and new dynamics to be explored in ways not previously seen. This is seen to great effect with Thor, Rocket Raccoon and Groot as well as with Iron Man and Dr Strange. Two men – one with faith in science and one with faith in magic each come at the problem of Thanos with different approaches.

Probably the most unexpected thing in this film was how much it was about Thanos. And it wasn’t presented as a villain who was meglomanic or despotic. He does horrible, terrible things. But for a reason. For a cause he wholly believes in. And for that, isn’t he the real hero of this story? Josh Brolin portrays Thanos through motion capture gives a performance that is both terrifying and vulnerable.

The Russo brothers directed this film and it’s a testament to their vision that they were able to cram over 30 main characters into the two and a half hour movie without sacrificing development or reducing them to glorified cameos. The movie does feel like a series of vignettes, but with Thanos as the throughline it makes the narrative cohesive and strong.

The fight scenes are incredible and inventive. There’s not a dull moment to be had. The visual effects are seamless and truly remarkable in scope. It’s worth seeing this in 3-D and if you can Imax as well. This is a film that deserves all the marquee treatment. It’s meant to be seen in the big screen, so do yourselves a favor and see Infinity War. It’s a film that you can see with the whole family. And if you’ve never seen a Marvel film before, you can still enjoy this. And if you have, you’ll love the movie even more.

I am an admitted Marvel Comics geek and I do know the source material that this is pulled from and yet they still managed to surprise me. That is the true measure of a great film. I can’t wait for the next installment to see where the Marvel Cinematic Universe goes from here.

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