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In this day and age where super hero movies reign supreme at the box office, and every network (streaming or otherwise) is scrambling to snag a comic license to turn into the next big show, you would think that all comic retailers were thriving. That is unfortunately not the case.

Growing up, comics were much more than just an escape into fantasy. They nurtured a love of reading and art within me. I’d likely not have discovered my love of John Steinbeck, Jules Verne and Shakespeare if I had not grown up with Stan Lee, Frank Miller, and Alan Moore. If not for the likes of artists such as Jack Kirby, David Mazzucchelli, Sam Kieth, and Todd McFarlane, I may not have discovered an ongoing passion for drawing which has allowed me to make a living occasionally from doing graphic design work.

Comics also created a strong tie to my father that I cherished. The summers I spent with him where we’d go out to the nearby 7-11 before dawn even broke. I’d get a hot chocolate, he his coffee. Then we’d peruse the comic rack, grab a couple that caught our interest or the next installment of the series we were reading, then sit and read them together in silence. When he was done with his he’d let me read them, so I really scored! But the true score of these sessions was the bond it created between us.

My father knowing not just who Batman, Superman, and Spider-Man were, but having the ability to carry on a conversation about them, made it very easy to start an open dialog between us. Over the years and well into adulthood, we’d usually start our phone calls discussing super heroes before getting into any real serious discussions about life, work, the state of the world, relationships, and the like. These heroes and their stories created perfect gateway conversations and through that gateway a great bond formed.

Then of course there were the friends that I made thanks to comics. Some of which I joined forces with to create a new YouTube Channel, website, and weekly column for the Daily Sun.

So why am I going on and on spewing forth all these virtues of comic books? Because thanks to the recent opening of Oiltown Comics, I have been able to rediscover comics. I am able to use them to better communicate with my nephews. I am re-inspired all over by them to pick up drawing again. Inspiring new stories and game ideas. It’d been too long since this town had a comic store. For the longest time, we would have to make a trip to Ennis and get our weekly pull from Goodtime Charlies. They’ve been closed down some time now.

So why am I rambling on about comics? Here is what I want you, oh dear reader, to take away from this: Read comics. Read them for yourself and for and with your children. Support local businesses. Nurture a love for art and reading early on in life. Do not lose that love. It is never too late to start reading comic books. There is a title out there for just about everyone. Young, old, indie, mainstream, graphic, kid friendly, dark, full of humor, male, female, robots, aliens, super powered and every day folk… Tales of world ending drama to everyday personal struggles.

Be hero that your child deserves, not just the one they need.

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