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A lot has been going on behind the scenes at Total Geek Live, and part of those goings on have to do with the upcoming Fan Expo Dallas coming this April 6 through April 8.

A few of us are going to be attending the event and cover the various announcements, events, and panels that are happening over the weekend. While I personally am a little farther of a drive than the Corsicana to Dallas jaunt, event announcements have still appeared in my social media feed regardless.

At first, reading about the Expo was something of a passive novelty. I'd tag both Kaiser and Danny with a knowing "Look who's going to be there/this person looks fun" nod of interest as announcements were made, but as the weeks passed, the guest roster simply kept growing. And it's still growing to the point where I can't believe who/how they managed to get.

One of the biggest surprises has been the announcement of Jeff Goldblum. Just like his role in "The Fly," Jeff is a man that has transcended past us mere humans to exist in a marvelously eccentric and continuous state of being in which he exists. It's worth noting that this is the first time he's ever done a convention appearance before, so perhaps the Jurassic Park nostalgia has gotten to him to that point where he wants to hang out with attendees, and impart sage wisdom upon them.

Pee-Wee Herman is also going to be there, so you'll have a chance to discuss potential basement structures for the Alamo with him. And in an announcement that is certain to elicit cries of "Great Scott" or "Inconceivable," most of the principal casts of both Back to the Future and The Princess Bride will be there. There are also cast members from Star Wars, Stranger Things, Jason Momoa from Justice League, Charlie Cox from Daredevil, or Val Kilmer from Top Gun and Batman Forever.

That's nothing to say of the voice actors such as the voices behind the Disney Princesses of Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, and Megara. The voice actors behind "Pinky and the Brain" will be attending. Charles Martinet, the voice behind Nintendo's "Mario" is also making an appearance. After happening to meet Charles just last month, I can confirm that he may be the most cheerful and happy person that has ever existed (I'd claim "hyperbole" in that statement, but it remains accurate regardless).

And on top of all that, there's an excellent selection of professional cosplayers, organizations, and internet/YouTube channel stars that will be there, for those of you more behind the "crafting" aspect of fandom. The list has gone from "Oh, that's cool," to "Are you kidding me," to "Oh, come on now" in terms of guest appearances. But there truly is something for everyone.... Even you grown up "kids" out there.

Total Geek Live is going to be counting down to Fan Expo for the next few weeks with a selection of articles that will be exclusive to the Corsicana Daily Sun, in addition to covering the event as it happens. If you do decide to get your geek on and attend the Expo, we hope to see you there, whether you're buying that latest Funko Pop, or posing for photos ops with Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) or Lando Calrissian (Billy Dee Williams).

Come up and say "Hi."

We'll be glad to catch up with you.

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