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During this time of year, and especially this weekend, that Santa Claus fellow is one busy worker.

Not just in visiting the homes of you and me, but for good people all around the world. It's a lot of work, making sure every girl and boy finds a little something under their tree come Christmas morning, but it's done all in the time of just one night, and certainly the sugar rush of all those cookies can't make even the most magical of us move that fast.

That's why I like to think that while Santa gets all the credit for the night, he does have a few helping hands to make sure the night goes smoothly.

I tend to think of those people as “Agents of Santa.” And the funny thing is, we all become employed at some point or another.

Two of the best and brightest that came from the agency were simply folks that I knew by the names of “Mom” and “Dad.” From when I was a baby to well into early adulthood, they had all the best intel on making sure each Christmas was unique and special. Not only did they dedicate themselves to finding that “must have” item each and every year, they had to keep me from trespassing into their more ... proprietary methods and secrets.

(That usually meant double wrapping paper for presents because I was a particularly tenacious youth.)

I can only image the work that they went through. There was the year of Atari, and the year of “Snake Mountain” from Masters of the Universe. Who knows what they had to do to secure that copy of Super Mario Bros. 2, or how they must have cringed when I ate driveway those first times of testing out my rollerblades.

And they wanted their efforts to really pay off for at least the rest of the winter break. I remember my Dad being especially cross with me when I cleared through video games like DuckTales and Super Star Wars in the same day, as certainly “I'd never play them again.” I wonder what he’d think if he knew that I still have those games packed away in my library even now.

Mom was the one who kept the Christmas spirit going, and the stories and magic of it all alive. As an “Agent of Santa.” I’d like to imagine that she was one of the best employees that they ever had. After she was gone, Dad still managed to surprise, and mixed everything with a sense of “play” to it. During that last Christmas, he surprised my sister and I with MacBook laptops. These days, the computer is older, worn, and technology has rendered it outdated. But the fact of the matter is that I'll never get rid of it. It sits in a drawer of my desk. A reminder of far gentler and fonder times. They made agency work look easy, having served a position where the primary job requisite is love.

These days, I find myself having stepped into “the family business,” having become an agent myself. I well play into the role of “the eccentric uncle,” surprising my niece and nephew with something fun that gives them a chance, if only just for a moment, their own memories and keepsakes. For that matter, my sister and the Missus always get some little toy to entertain them, and even the dogs find an extra stuffed “baby” or two under the tree so they can run like fools around the house while squeaking their heads off.

Christmas is more than just giving or getting gifts. It's about creating and keeping memories, and finding a way to keep the magic of the holiday alive in ourselves. It's why working for Santa, with Santa, as a surrogate of Santa is so important. Christmas cheer isn't spread by just one person. It takes everyone to do their part. But it's worth it to feel that little extra something in the air this time of year.

To be honest, being an “Agent of Santa” is the best job that I've known.

As this is the last “Total Geek Live” article before the holidays, I wanted to take a moment from our little group to yours in wishing you a Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Joyous Kwanzaa, or Blessed Solstice .... Or even if you find yourself to be more of a fan of Festivus, or like cheering on Scrooge when he sticks it to Bob Cratchit yet again ....

Do what makes you happy. It’s the best time of the year to be so.

It's All Geek To Us.

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