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It wasn't a dark or a stormy night, nor was it some old mansion ...

It was a quiet Saturday morning. Nothing out of the ordinary. The sun was shining. The birds were likely singing because, you know, they are birds. I forget some of the small details as it has been so long ago now. Two kids played Monopoly in the back room of their grandparent’s trailer.

This was my sister and me, oh so many years ago. I was 7 years old and I was about to learn a very important lesson. There are things that are not of this world and they can be absolutely terrifying. There was a moment that we both stopped and looked at the doorway to the bathroom. I cannot remember if it was a sound or a light or what it was that made us look. All I can recall is a pull, a need to look. In perfect synchronicity we turned. We looked, we screamed and we ran.

I refused to go into that side of the trailer for years. I'd cry, scream and throw a fit if I was told to go, usually resulting in a firm butt smack or three. But it didn't matter. That swirling pinkish glow flowing through the floating bathrobe that appeared in the doorway that day broke my brain.

Over the years this became just one of the many stories of events that occurred throughout the trailer. Wheels on toy cars lying upside down would randomly spin. Objects in the center of a table would fall off when you turned your back. Glowing balls of fire would appear then fly out of windows.

As fate would have it the room that introduced me to the joys of absolute fear became my bedroom in my late teen years ... and apparently I only thought I knew what fear was. The room had one more lesson left to teach me.

Have you ever been so scared that it altered your ability to function properly? Paralyzed? No sound when you scream?

I turned out the lights, climbed into bed and pulled my covers up nice and snug. Then I felt it. I was not alone. Something was in my room and it was staring at me. Its gaze so intense I could feel it. After a few moments, I realized it was not going away so I gathered up some nerve and sat up quickly. In the pitch dark I could make out its outline as it faded away. I appeared to have startled it given the expression on its face-like area. Two sunken black sockets widened. A gaping maw of pitch black outlined in a faint greenish haze opened as if to scream. Picture Edvard Munch's famous painting “The Scream,” but imagine it was all a faint sickly green glow.

Now imagine a six-foot-three-inch 18-year-old young man trying to scream for his mommy only no sound was coming out.

Now imagine telling this story to a group of friends and acquaintances and seeing the looks on their faces. I've told the tales of the trailer many times over the years and I'm sure I will continue to for years to come. As much love as I have for scary movies and books, there is nothing that tops the joy of sitting around with friends and family and spin a good yarn or two.

So I urge you to dim the lights or sit around a good campfire and see just how many goosebumps you can conjure this Halloween. Want to hear more tales from the trailer of terror? Catch “Total Geek Live” on YouTube Oct. 25, where we four geeks shall share more of our personal ghost stories.


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