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I’ve never been one to be enamored with the newest technologies. I’m one of the last in my peer group to buy cell phone, I’ve flipped until a few years ago when my phone could flip no more.

Many Americans celebrated economic gains and took “normal” for granted, when the year began with promise. Based on available data political forecasters predicted relatively easy reelection of President Donald Trump. However, the spread of COVID-19, assured nothing was easy in 2020. 

The brain is extremely powerful, even still, its limitations cause it to play tricks from time to time. During an investigation, eyewitness testimony needs to be corroborated because people can neglect details when recounting an incident, sometimes seeing completely different things, while viewing the same event.

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The Libertarian Party held its Presidential nominations Memorial Day Weekend. The party made history as they nominated their first woman Presidential candidate, Dr. Jo Jorgenson.

I was excited to make my way up the ramp at the Navarro County Annex Building so I could vote in the March 3, Texas Primary. I’m always excited to push the button and make an impact on my community, state and nation.


Hill County Democrats welcomed six of the 12 candidates vying for the Democratic nomination to the United States Senate to the campus of Hill College Saturday.