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When was the last time you went on a road trip? It’s one of my favorite ways to travel, especially with my mom. We’ve been doing it once or twice a year for the past 20 years. Whether we go out of state or just a few hours down the road, we always have fun.

Hi you Glamorous women out there; hope all is well – The weather is delightful; sunny walking days. I thought you might enjoy my list of the: 10 Principals of ‘Looking Good’ + One - I produced this list while teaching a woman’s seminar, Career Dimensions at KD Studio in Dallas.

Growing up, there were lots of good, honest, hard-working folks in my family. My paternal grandmother and my mom stand out to me particularly as role models for facing challenges head on and never giving up.

Yesterday a guest on our property asked me what kind of writing I do. We chatted a bit about what I’ve written and what I hope to write. At the end of our conversation I said, “What I really like to do is tell people’s stories.”

When I was in my twenties, my mom signed me up for the dating website eHarmony...and she filled out my profile for me. She selected “calm in a crisis” as one of my top three needs in a mate.


This Mother’s Day weekend, we want to extend an extra-special kudos to mothers — especially single moms — balancing their responsibilities at home and at work with their children’s care and education.

Whenever I’m feeling overwhelmed, weary or tired, my thoughts immediately go to planning a road trip with my mom. I guess a lot of us deal better with difficult situations when we know we have something to look forward to.


As a young adult I was fascinated by the quotation “May you live in an interesting age.” The words seemed full of possibility for those yearning to break free of a monotonous routine determined by older people. According to my mother, anyone who lived through the 1960s has already had a fair share of interesting times, though she didn’t shy away from experiencing them.

Like most, there are some things that some people may or may not know about me. I moved away from Corsicana to go to college saying I would never, ever, come back, but returned about eight years later to help take care of my Nanny.