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This Thanksgiving I find myself grateful for some things I wouldn’t have considered thank-worthy just a few years ago. But the more time I spend on our farm, the more I discover the silver lining in setbacks, disappointments and losses. 

If you’re like me, sometimes you have to learn the hard way. You learn from your mistakes. Even if I’m not learning from something I personally did wrong, I’m often educated through less than positive circumstances.

Two days ago I arrived at our farm to find all of the hydroponic tower plants limply hanging out of the tall white towers. I knew it had to be a power issue. It wasn’t long before I found the problem. 

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Join the Corsicana Artist & Writer Residency between noon and 4 p.m. Saturday, April 24 for the next Open Studio Studio Visits. Wander downtown to the 100 West building on the corner of Third Avenue and Beaton Street to engage with the residents’ new and in-progress works.

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Navarro Regional Hospital had a disruption in water supply, much like most of the city experienced this morning. Currently, water is coming back online, and in the meantime a 3,000 gallon water tanker truck is onsite if needed. The hospital has emergency generators in the case of loss of power, however it has not lost electrical power at this point.


Trinidad, with a history of electricity producing power plants dating back nearly a century, is losing one in 2021. Luminant has informed the Electric Reliability Council of Texas of plans to retire its 235-MW natural gas-fired Trinidad Power Plant April 29, 2021. The major electric power producer made the announcement on Nov. 30.

Last week, while harvesting tomatoes from one of our hydroponic towers, I had an epiphany. As I climbed a stepladder and crouched down under a jungle of tomato plants to find the ripe fruit, it struck me how much the act of growing and harvesting mirrors life.