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Tony Taulton feels Corsicana is the ideal spot for a Division II showdown, a game that will bring revenue and attention to Corsicana and Navarro County. Courtesy photo

A half a million dollars and two Division II college football teams are headed this way.

The only question left is this: Are you ready for the Corsicana Bowl?

That's what they're calling it now, but it's early and everyone expects to sell the naming rights to the game, which will be played on Dec. 2.

Joanna Fritz, Chamber President & CEO, feels the game could generate as much as $500,000 in local revenue.

“We believe that this could be a great opportunity for our community with potential to grow in the coming years. We have conservatively estimated that the economic impact to our community this first year will be around $500,000,” said Fritz in an email to the Daily Sun.

The genesis of the idea comes from Tony Taulton, the owner of Roadliner Bus, LLC. Taulton has worked with several people in the past who have promoted bowl games and feels Corsicana is the ideal spot for a Division II showdown, a game that will bring revenue and attention to Corsicana and Navarro County.

Taulton has already lined up three Division II conferences, and the two teams will be chosen from the Lone Star Conference, Great American Conference, and/or the Mid-American Intercollegiate Association.

“I've spoken to all three conferences and we will take two teams as at large teams to play in the bowl,” Taulton said. “There's a lot of interest already in the game.”

Taulton believes Corsicana and Tiger Stadium are the perfect setting for a game of this magnitude.

“When I started looking for a place to have the game, I looked at some other cities in Texas,” Taulton said. “But Corsicana is perfect. It has everything. First of all, it's a city with a great football tradition. Corsicana has a great geographical location, and Corsicana has Tiger Stadium.

“Tiger Stadium is a state of the art stadium in all facets,” he said. “It has the turf. It has the seating (10,000) and the facility is first-class in every way. It's a perfect city for a Division II bowl game. This game will give the city something to look forward to, and I believe it will be the best bowl game of its kind.

“There are similar Division II bowl games in Copperas Cove and in Texarkana in Texas, and a Division II bowl game in Missouri, but none of those places compares with Corsicana. This bowl game will be much better in many ways. Tiger Stadium is a much better facility and I believe Corsicana is a city that will support the game.”

Taulton said he has put a lot or work into the planning of the game and the choice of where to have the game.

“I've been thinking about it for a few years,” he said. “It had to be the right city and the right support from the city. If you don't have good support from the city it's null and void. This is the perfect location, a great city and a great stadium.”

The Corsicana Convention and Visitors Bureau is the first organization to sponsor the bowl game and will be listed as a “brought to you by” sponsor, and Taulton said others are lining up.

“Several others have come forward as sponsors and we are looking for more,” he said. “All proceeds from the game will be donated to a non-profit organization every year.”

Sponsorships start at $300.

For more information you can call Taulton at 469-988-0839 or go to the website: www.corsicanabowl.com or email at info@corsicanabowl.com.

Proceeds will go to a nonprofit organization every year