8-25 DeQuan Randle

DeQuan Randle is a senior defensive tackle for the Tigers. His diary will appear weekly in the Daily Sun.

After scrimmaging Jacksonville last Saturday and going game situation, we have been working on the mistakes at practice all week long.

Going hard correcting them before playing Whitehouse, we are prepared and ready to perform against Whitehouse. Both sides of the ball are going hard and making sure things are done right.

Roclan Drain, the leader of the offensive line, has been making sure to have the mistakes fixed, along with tight end Chris Edling. We are moving around quicker and making sure to do our thing this 2011 season.

I believe that we are going to outwork and play hard all year long with quarterback Devontay Bell, tailback Cameron Washington, fullback Dominic Kelly, halfback Tevin McDonald and receivers Christian Hines, Ronnie Devareaux and Jack Saipongi. Along with all the other major playmakers on the offensive side.

We are ready for whatever comes our way, we will work hard and come together as a team, spiritually and mentally. We have been working hard and focusing on this game for a while.

It went from 200 days on the countdown clock to having only one day, now today is the day that we give everything we have put in practice. We have had much preparation for this team and the coaches have done an outstanding job coaching us up, now it's our time to do the rest.

We are ready to eat, this is our moment that we have been waiting for, along with our fans and supporters.

The defense will get after it, we will stride to win a championship and work hard to have the best defense in the district! Our defense, with the name “Boom Squad.”

On the defensive line with me as defensive tackle, defensive end Chad Sterling and nose guard Ardas Walker are ready to explode against the offensive linemen and make plays up front all night.

Next up ready to give it all up are linebackers Jacob Grayson, Breyon Hill, Dominic and Tevin on the second level ready to go boom and to stay live this year. They are ready to go.

With all the defensive backs in the backfield, safety Antonio Wilson and strong safety Cortez Cyrus are going to work hard to try and stop completions. Cornerbacks James Jones, Alonzo Gibson, Jack Saipongi and many others are out in the backfield working hard and going strong every play!

We are going to bring the wood. We are going to put the blood, sweat, and tears into practice and definitely in the game. We are going to come out fighting, doing our best and giving our all to win. I hope everyone comes out and watches us tonight at Tiger Stadium.

Kickoff at 7:30 p.m.

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