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RICE -- Forget the score and Malakoff's dramatic comeback that defeated Rice 68-67 in a boys basketball game Tuesday night in the Rice gym.

An ugly fight that could have been far worse without the fast reaction from police and Rice officials ruined anything that happened in the game on the court and could lead to far more serious consequences -- including the possible suspensions of Malakoff players who were directly involved in the fight.

Within seconds after Malakoff's winning basket at the buzzer, fans from Malakoff stormed the court in celebration, but instead of just celebrating on the court, the large crowd of fans quickly moved to the Rice bleachers on the north side of the court, where fans and Malakoff players began shouting at Rice fans and throwing punches with the Rice fans in the bleachers as a wild fight broke out.

Both Malakoff players and fans were in the middle of the altercation and, according to Rice officials, both groups threw punches. The fight escalated quickly and when Rice administrators raced in to stop the fight, they too were on the wrong side of punches being thrown.

Police and Rice administrators finally gained controlled and told all the Malakoff fans to leave the gym, and made an announcement for Rice fans to remain in the gym, but even then there was still shoving outside the gym from unruly fans, according to Rice officials.

Before the night was over seven police vehicles from surrounding areas showed up in the parking lot to gain control and make sure the Malakoff fans left the premises.

After the Malakoff fans left Rice officials announced to the fans in the gym that it was alright to leave.

The two teams are scheduled to play again this season in Malakoff, but no one is sure if that game will take place after Tuesday's incident.

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