HUBBARD -- The battle of Highway 31 is always full of hype. This year it was branded the Hometown Throwdown and it was full of action until it ended with Dawson edging Hubbard 42-36 Friday night at Jaguar Stadium.

Dawson traveled to Hubbard for this year’s match-up. Hubbard received the first kick off and fumbled on their first offensive play. Dawson fell on the ball and Brendan Horner ran 10 yards for Dawson’s first score of the night.

Hubbard didn’t waste any time coming back and scoring on a Logan Morris pass to Tyler Pierce for a 30-yard score. Dawson and Hubbard elected to go for two on the point after and were good on each, tying the gameat-8-8.

 Dawson pushed the ball back down the field and showed some of its power in the air with a pass from Horner to Bodey Martinez on a 41 yard reception that resulted in a score. Horner was good on the two point conversion.

The second quarter was as exciting as the first with the offenses matching score for score. Hubbard scored on a pass from Morris to Cooper Martin for a 6-yard TD. Dawson answered with a short rushing touchdown from James Drake.

Hubbard was stopped with long yard on a fourth down. The Jagurs elected to fake a punt with a handoff and a 34 yard rush for a first down by Justin Johnson.

Hubbard had some issues down on the goal line and called two timeouts back to back, but was able to score on a 6-yard pass to Martin.

Dawson had a fumble on the following drive but was able to maintain possession. J. Hamilton put up a long run to get the Bulldogs in scoring position. Drake took the ball in on a short run. The back and forth continued, with Hubbard scoring the final points of the first half on a pass to Martin, tying things up at 22 going into the half.

Dawson had a fumble and turnover on the first drive of the second half, but Hubbard was unable to gain points from it. Dawson had the only score in the 3rd quarter on a Ja’Mariyea Hamilton 80-yard run and a two-point conversion by Seth Little.

The last quarter of the game continual back and forth with Dawson having two rushing TD’s, Jakoby Moore with a 2-yard run and J. Hamilton with a 36-yard rush. Hubbard had two scores, each by Martin with one yard on each.

It came down to the defense for Dawson being able to stop the Hubbard team and Dawson’s depth with speed seemed endless. Dawson had a long list of rushers with yards from 180 to 20 yards on the night. J. Hamilton led the Bulldogs with 180 yards on 7 attempts, followed by Brendan Horner with 87 yards on 18 attempts. Seth Little, James Drake, Jakoby Moore and Zane Guerra had significant yardage for Dawson, as well. Hubbard was led by Logan Morris with 71 yards on 16 attempts, followed by Justin Johnson with 41 yards on 3 touches.

R.J. Comier and Cooper Martin also had some significant yards for Hubbard. Morris led the passing game for Hubbard with 226 yards on 16 completions.

Horner had 49 yards on 10 attempts for Dawson. Tyler Pierce was the leading receiver for Hubbard with 116 yards on 6 catches and Bodey Martinez led in receiving for Dawson with 49 yards on 2 receptions.

Zane Guerra, D. Hamilton and Seth Springer led the defense for Dawson. RJ Comier, Tyler Pierce and Landon Blackman led the Hubbard defense in tackles.

The weather was cool but the Hometown Throwdown was as hot as it has been in several years. The Hubbard Jaguars and the Dawson Bulldogs rivalry will continue, but both teams should fare well in the rest of district play. 

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