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Tigers baseball coach Heath Autrey has written a letter to Corsicana, thanking everyone involved for their support for his Tigers, who play in the 5A state semifinals Thursday in Round Rock.

Here is Coach Autrey's letter:

As we are pulling out on the bus to head to Round Rock it kinda all hit me. I have been humbled over the last six weeks with the love and support everyone has shown us. Literally thousands of text from people all over the country.

I want to thank all of the parents and our community for the outpouring of support for our kids and baseball program.

To all of our administrators, board members, CISD Police Dept, Corsicana PD, our student body, parents and family members we thank you.

All of the send offs, welcome backs, and all of the snacks and cookies made by our dear friends we thank you.

Most of all I want to thank all of my family and my six awesome kids. My in-laws, my parents and my beautiful, amazing, crazy supportive wife Whittney Autrey for being everything and more. I love you and thank you for every single minute you have organized and planned for your baseball program. For the late night talks about always listening. For always being positive and believing in this team. I know how much you do and how much you love all of these kids. Seeing your smile after these games and how happy you are make doing this so much fun.

This historical playoff run is a product of a school district that is second to none. A tight knit community that loves kids and supports our program Unconditionally. A radio station and newspaper that promotes our kids and program. Principals, administrators, and AMAZING teachers who always push our student athletes.

To the parents, grand parents, brothers and sisters, and all family members thank you for trusting your kid with us and sticking out the process.  

This coaching staff has worked so hard. Thank you to Brian Nolen, Bo Moore, Matt Wilkens for putting your heart into these kids and keeping me straight. Darla, Blair Moore, Demi Hulin Dotson thank y’all for supporting our crazy work hours and thousand late night phone calls about our practices, games, and players.

We are taking the advice of the 1958 Tigers and enjoying every minute of this ride with each other.

This group of young men have made history and are enjoying every second. We are going on a mission to slay another Goliath tomorrow in Round Rock.

The process has been hard. The process of how we do things isn’t always perfect. But we believe in it. The only thing I will guarantee is that the kids are prepared and they are eager for this opportunity to represent CORSICANA and our school district one more time as a underdog as we have been the last three weeks. Just the way we like it. 200 feet at a time!

We play for all of YOU!  Thank you! See you in Round Rock. Safe travels to you all.