Lacey Scruggs is the first one to admit it.

When she makes her picks for the Daily Sun “Pick the Winners” Contest, she has no real system she uses.

“I kind of guess,” said Scruggs, who went 17-3 in last week’s Pick the Winners contest, collecting her $50 prize because of near perfect guesswork.

In fact, Scruggs clobbered the Daily Sun experts. Stringer Nate Woodall had the best record at 14-6. Sports Editor Todd Wills had an ugly 7-13 record.

Scruggs, 25, said she does watch football “in passing” with her husband, Jeremy.

“We want the Cowboys,” she said. “Ohio State. The Longhorns.”

Scruggs has time to think about football driving back and forth to her hometown of Athens,where she is a hairstylist at Phase 2.

And from taking her picks for this week over the telephone, there was little hesitation in her selections, suggesting she could be a true sandbagger.

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