Most of you have probably figured out by now that I am not very politically correct. I find so much of the PC world to be absurd that it becomes a joke. When a school decides that freshmen can’t be freshMEN, that strikes me as funny. When I read that a “kiss the pig” fundraiser is canceled at a law school because it violates the pig’s rights, I start looking for the punch line (to me it depends on whom the pig has to kiss).

When I read all the hype over Sheryl Swoopes coming out of the closet, it made me scratch my head. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s a terrific basketball player; maybe the best I’ve ever watched. I just don’t get why that makes her a role model or a hero (I’m afraid heroine might be anti-PC).

Let’s see a show of hands out there. How many of you were shocked? She does play in the WNBA, doesn’t she? Did anyone out there think that they were all straight or hetero in the WNBA? I didn’t think so.

I spent 16 years coaching women’s athletics. I ran across many homosexual females during that time. I didn’t say high school players, but I found many of the female coaches to be of the non-straight variety. That’s not to say I think it’s a bad thing. It just is.

Finding lesbians in the WNBA is like finding pickles at Whataburger. They’re there, and everyone knows they are there.

People talk about Sheryl’s courage in admitting her choice of partners. I might think the opposite could be true. It might take more courage to admit you like boys. Avowed homosexuals get much more favorable press in the U.S. that the types attracted to the opposite.

The next thing you know, someone in the LPGA will admit to being gay. That should shake all of us up. The six people who regularly watch it might know better.

It’s not a new phenomenon. Twenty-five years ago, two highly recruited volleyball players from CHS went to visit a school that was recruiting them. It was a highly respected school with a good program. When the girls returned, they wouldn’t even comment on the visit. It finally came out the almost the entire college squad was homosexual, and our girls were in shock.

When Martina Navratilova came out of the closet years ago, there was a lot of press coverage, but I don’t recall much shock. I can’t remember a soul that was surprised. I think most people had already assumed as much. Now, if Andre Agassi announced that he had a gay lover, eyes would widen.

Perhaps I’m wrong, and homosexuality is just as prevalent in men’s sports. I don’t think so, but then I’ve erred before. I was batting .500 in guessing on Liberace and Rock Hudson.

I think the bigger story will be when an NFL quarterback comes out. I don’t care where he puts his hands to receive the snap, everyone expects the QB to be a chick magnet. And, don’t even try to convince me that a defensive tackle has a “life partner.” That would really create a firestorm.

I’m just confused by the hype over Sheryl Swoopes. I think it’s such a big story because it’s politically correct. Of course, with the election featuring Propositon 2 on the horizon at the time of the announcement, it could have been a vote-getting ploy.

I am a little surprised that her announcement was so readily embraced by the PC crowd since she said that she became a homosexual only a few years ago. It looks to me like that shoots holes in the idea that one is born with that tendency; that it’s not a choice. I guess expediency takes precedence over philosophy.

Do I think any less of Sheryl as a basketball player or as a person? No. Do I think that it’s a historic occasion or a precedent setting event? No. As far as I’m concerned, it’s no more earth-shattering than Brad Pitt announcing that he likes girls, that Jennifer Lopez announces another engagement or that Michael Moore confesses that he has brain damage. Now, if Paris Hilton comes out…that’s a story.

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