Ron Morgan

It looks like, at least at this early date, the Cowboys will give Dak Prescott the most talented receiver group he has had during his brief Dallas’ career.

Amari Cooper is in the top level group of wide outs in the league. Last year’s second round choice, Michael Gallup, has grown into a major weapon who has developed quite a rapport with his young quarterback.

Devin Smith, a second round draft choice of the Giants, has impressed in training camp, and then you have Aaron “Discount Double Check” Rodgers former favorite target, Randall Cobb in the slot. Oh, and some old guy named Witten is suited up. It makes me ask, Cole who?

Who is the best college quarterback in the state of Texas? It could be Sam Ehlinger of Texas who took over the reins last year establishing himself as the undisputed starter.

It might be Kellon Mond, the returning Aggie QB who was quite impressive himself last season in Jimbo Fisher’s inaugural season.

 It could be the latest gunslinger up in Lubbock. Regardless of who it is, if you’re the signal caller on the High Plains, you figure to score a bazillion points and pass for enough yards to get from Lubbock to New York City.

Or, it could be Penn State transfer Michael Collins of TCU. However, it’s (E.) None of the above.

The best quarterback in the state this year will be 5’9 ½” Mason Fine of UNT out of Locust Grove, Oklahoma. He put up all kinds of numbers in high school, but no D1 school was interested.

Who wants a 5’9” quarterback out of Locust Grove who looks like a 6th grader?  Oklahoma State offered to let him walk on. Wasn’t that nice? When have you heard UNT quarterback and Heisman Trophy used in the same sentence?

If there is such a thing as un-buyer’s remorse, I’ll bet the OSU Cowboys have it. Fine is the biggest thing to hit Denton since Buckees or Mean Joe Green.

Jerry reportedly offered to make his holdout running back the second highest back in the NFL. Most people don’t think he’ll accept. The former Buckeye has two years left on his contract. After those two years, the Cowboys could give him the franchise tag. To quote Jerry, “Zeke who?”

I read where an American fencer at some international competition, kneeled during the national anthem. That does it. I will never watch fencing again. Well, at least I won’t watch professional fencing. Maybe high school. I never finished the article. Maybe one of you knows. Was it barbed wire or chain link?

OK, I have to throw in a little brag here. Last Friday night, my grandson, Hayden Hunter, had his first JV scrimmage for Byron Nelson High School.

After having had to sit out almost the entire off season with a displaced fracture of his left humerus (and there was nothing humorous about the Denton Guyer player who kicked him while he was on the ground.), he had two interceptions and a fumble recovery. One of the interceptions was a 50-yard pick six.

Oh, and don’t think his twin sister, Peyton Hunter was sitting home knitting doilies. She is a co-captain of the Bobcats’ JV volleyball team. The Nelson varsity volleyball team last year at one point was 42-2, ranked number 1 in the state of Texas and number 2 in the nation.

I’d love to take credit for their athletic DNA, but the only volleyball I ever played was in PE class, and those games turned into dodge ball.  Like Hayden, I was a safety, but we won’t go into my career total interceptions.

Speaking of bragging, I know two sets of grandparents in Corsicana that might get to do a little gloating this fall.

Young Trevor Denbow has made quite a name for himself up on the Hill. Both grandpas have a bit of history in University Park. Grandpa Lewis Orr did a bit of basketball coaching there a few years after grandpa Don Denbow played a little third base for the Ponies. He may have gotten his athletic ability via his granddads, but his good looks obviously came from his two grandmothers.

OK, back to the Cowboys. I think the ‘Boys have more talent this year than they have had since Barry Switzer was packing a gun in his carryon. In fact, I think they have enough talent this season to cost Jason Garrett his job. We’ll see.

Oh, and did I ask you, “Zeke who?”?


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