I wrote the other day about how I no longer watch the NBA. Well, this week just confirmed what I already knew. The inmates are running the asylum. The big name free agents are running the league and deciding who is in the hunt for a championship.

When is the last time you heard anything about the Brooklyn Nets? What? Some of you weren’t even aware that Brooklyn had a team. That’s no surprise. Most people thought once the Dodgers left town in 1957 that Brooklyn folded up and became something like Atlantis, a city that just disappeared.

Well, I suppose they’re back. Both Kyrie Irving and Kevin Durant took their talents to the NY Borough. I don’t care if Larry, Curly and Moe round out the rest of the starting five, the Nets are now contenders.

The rest of the NBA is waiting for Kawhi Leonard to pick a team. I guess he got tired of snow and grilled moose and is now choosing from a number of suitors. The only reason I can figure for the long wait is that it keeps him on the front page of the sports section.

That’s sad, but only sad because a great league has now sunk to the level of assuaging the egos of the rich and famous players. True sadness took place in Southlake a few days ago. Tyler Skaggs, a pitcher for the Angels, was found dead in his hotel room. Tyler was only 27 years old and still considered a newly-wed since he was married a scant 6 months ago. Suicide and foul play have been ruled out. That is truly sad. Kawhi having to take his Ferrari to another city is a whole different kind of sad.

We’re only three or four weeks from training camp in Oxnard. After a decade and a half of wandering around in the NFL wilderness, I think they can now at least look across the Jordan….make that the Trinity…and get a glimpse of the Promised Land.

Toward the end of this year’s training camp, many teams in the league will anxiously watching the Cowboy waiver wire.

To get down to 52, the Cowboys will be cutting a number of players capable of playing in the NFL. For a long time, it was just the opposite. Guys cut by the Cowboys got jobs on beer trucks while our guys were digging through the scrap heap of the rest of the league. Super Bowl? I won’t go that far, but I will say, they are among the half dozen or so squads with the most talent from top to bottom.

After 15 years of playing checkers, they are finally playing chess. They are planning a couple of moves ahead. Get this: they drafted a solid offensive lineman in the third down while they are loaded with offensive linemen. Why? Well, next year La’el Collins will be an unrestricted free agent. Collins has been excellent, but in the salary cap age, you can’t pay ‘em all. After shelling out for long term deals for Zeke, Dak and Amari there may not be enough for La’el. Especially when you calculate in the guys on the defensive side of the ball they need to lock up.

Add in the fact, the last year’s more than solid replacement for Travis Frederick, Joe Looney will be a free agent as well, and planning ahead is pretty smart.

Connor McGovern will be able to sit back and learn for a year. Then if Collins leaves, the O line will still be in good hands. The Cowboys being Boris Spassky instead of Hank Drummond from Green Acres? Will wonders never cease? Checkmate.

Is Megan Rapinoe of the U.S. women’s soccer team the Colin Kaepernick of the other kind of football? She may be obnoxious and vulgar, but Kaepernick has left some big hair to fill.  Rapinoe is a solo kneeler. Colin brought along a whole slew of imitators, not baked tators, sweet tators or common tators, but imitators. She can’t even get one teammate to kneel along.

Besides, she has never gotten Nike to pull a patriotic shoe from store shelves. Colin has. As a rebel, she’s a bush leaguer (not Bush with a capital B. I have a feeling she wouldn’t have cared for 41 or 43.)

I just had a thought. If the Green New Deal ever goes through, and they ban gas powered vehicles, what will that do to NASCAR? Can you just picture 25 cars flying around the oval track without making a sound? Pit stops could take a couple of hours while they recharge the batteries.

 I’m not sure it will be the same. Get a load of Bubba waving his confederate flag and sipping on a cold one while actually being able to hear his wife ask why they put all those stickers on such pretty cars. NASCAR won’t be the same. “Gentlemen, break out your jumper cables.”