Ron Morgan
When was New Year’s Day? For some reason, it seems like it was in a
different age, a totally different time period, like looking back on the
Roaring Twenties or the Age of the Industrial Revolution. Now, when we
talk about the “Good Old Days,” we know we were talking about last year.
We thought we were entering into a new year, a new decade at midnight of
January 1, 2020. Little did we know we were entering the Twilight Zone.
Remember when Daniel Snyder said he would NEVER change the name of the
Washington NFL team? Well, forget global warming. We must have entered a
new ice age because hell has frozen over. It looks like a name change is
I posted on Facebook a challenge to offer up possible names. Among the
suggestions were the Pandemics, the Snowflakes, the Swampcreatures, the
Filibusters (although being in the NFC East, I changed it to
Phillybusters) and the PACmen. All were great possibilities. However,
since it is my column, I’m a big fan of alliteration and they do play in
the nation’s capital, I’ve settled on the Washington Wasters. That’s
free, Daniel; no charge.
It looks more and more like there will be no high school or college
sports this fall. Just a few weeks ago, it looked like there would be,
then holidays and short memories kicked in, and the first wave of Covid
is still raging. As an old coach and current fan, it makes me sad. On
top that, two of my grandkids are juniors in high school and will miss
both football and volleyball. Another is in the marching band at Auburn,
and will miss her senior season of halftimes. To quote Adrian Monk, “I
could be wrong now, but I don’t think so.”
NASCAR has banned the Confederate flag and the boycotts have begun.
People are pledging to avoid watching those guys making innumerable left
hand turns. It could be the end of a sport born of Prohibition Era
moonshine running. Or not. Last weekend’s race had a 46% increase in
viewership over 2019.
Corsicana’s own (we can at least partly lay claim since he played at
Tiger Stadium) Patrick Mahomes makes Dak Prescott look like a beggar.
The Whitehouse native and Super Bowl MVP has just signed a contract
tying him to the Chiefs through 2031 (if the NFL is back to playing by
then) for….wait for it….$503 million. Not bad for a QB numerous teams
passed over because he was a “system quarterback.”
While we’re on the subject of the NFL and boycotts, remember the boycott
in 2018 because of Colin Kaepernick and kneeling? Well, 2018 television
viewership compared to 2017 went up by 900,000 over 2017’s viewers.
Okay, maybe they didn’t have time to get it organized. 2019 would show
the results. 2019 had 700,000 more viewers than 2018. More boycotts are
being called for this year. Roger Goodell replied, “Please!!”
Texas Ranger’s slugger Joey Gallo has tested positive for Covid 19. 60
games with no fans? Don’t hold your breath (of course, if you have Covid
19, you probably can’t). As teams try to start their…what? belated
spring training, second spring training, mid-summer training (?), more
and more players are testing positive.
Don’t blame me. I think they pushed that cotton swab a bit too far up my
nose and pulled out several brain cells. The test came back negative for
both corona virus AND brain cells. As my newest heroes, Dude Perfect
would say, “See ya.”

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