Ron Morgan

Okay, I admit it. I don’t have Jerry’s patience and wisdom. After he finally announced that Jason Garrett’s contract wouldn’t be renewed, I was looking for sexy. I wanted an Aston Martin so we could look like James Bond. Did I say, Aston? Maybe that should have been more like Anniston, as in Jennifer Anniston. Like I said, I wanted sexy.

Jerry knew better, he knew either one (Aston or Anniston) would be high maintenance. Just replacing the bumper on either one would cost a fortune. I wanted new and shiny. I wanted that new car smell. I wanted something that as soon as that first bug splattered on the windshield, I’d have to pull over and clean it off. I wanted to frame the window sticker.

However, with age comes wisdom, or so I’m told. And, at Jerry’s age that should equate to lots and lots of wisdom.  While I was looking for a 2020 Aston Martin, Jerry knew the value of a 2018 Toyota Avalon that someone else had eaten the depreciation on.

I wanted a Lincoln Riley. I wanted that turbo charged engine with the roar of a V-10. Lincoln was no Lincoln. He was more of an Italian two-seater. If I couldn’t get the 150 mph sports car, I wanted the identifiability of a Bentley.

 I wanted something that cried comfort and luxury. I wanted something that would draw stares in a downtown metropolitan area. I wanted something Urban … yeah, that’s right … something in an Urban Meyer. I wanted the ooooh’s and ahhhh’s of those poor fools driving Chevys.

Jerry knew better. Jerry realized the value of something that would go 200,000 miles and beyond.

He wanted something that required less maintenance than an Anniston or an Aston. He knew the value of substance over flash, reliability over expediency.

He overlooked the allure of potential for the tried and true. Why buy a beautiful prototype when you can get a long time Consumer Reports favorite?

Why buy from some guy in a handmade Italian suit handing out free champagne, when you could buy something Todd Wills might sell wearing a polo and handing out bottled water?    

  By now you know I’m talking about Jerry hiring Mike McCarthy. Mike may not be shiny and new, but he’s not a retread. He’s a Michelin with lots of tread left.

His record in Green Bay was 125-77-2. In 13 seasons he went to the playoffs 9 times. And, maybe more importantly (considering Garrett’s playoff record) he went 10-8 in the playoffs with one Lombardy Trophy, which he just happened to pick up at Jerry World.

Where Jason was an Ivy League guy who employed a golf clap on the sideline, McCarthy is a no nonsense Pittsburg guy. Don’t think Jerry got some four cylinder gas sipper. Remember, Mike had guys named Favre and Rogers behind the wheel.

Dak might need to get fitted for a new pair of driving gloves. On top of that, Green Bay never gave him a super charged Hummer like Zeke in the Packer parking lot.

If he decides to keep Kellen Moore, they might need only a minor tune up on offense. After all, even at 8-8, the Cowboys had the number one offense in the NFL. Moore is just getting broken in.

Where they need help is on defense. McCarthy has already addressed that need by naming Mike Nolan as his defensive coordinator.

Nolan, coming from New Orleans where he coached linebackers, is not new to this job. Besides a stint with the Saints, he was the head coach in San Francisco where he hired one Mike McCarthy as his offensive coordinator.

He has served as the defensive coordinator for the Falcons, Dolphins, Broncos, Ravens, Jets, Redskins and Giants. He may be a classic, but he has been fully restored.

There could be a little coaching DNA in play as well. If you’re as old as I am, the name Nolan might ring a bell. Mike’s dad was Tom Landry’s defensive coordinator in the early ‘60s. In fact, Dick was a player/coach in the 1960 season.

Dick went on to become the head coach of the Saints and the Forty-niners. So, you might say, Mike literally learned at the feet of a defensive genius. You might also say McCarthy has a full sized spare instead of one of those little space saving donuts.

Was it Charlie the Tuna, or Bill Parcells the “Tuna” who said, “We don’t want tuna with good taste, we want tuna that tastes good.”

While I was in the showroom looking at flash, Jerry was kicking the tires on good reliable options. If you recall, the DeLorean was a great looking car, there was a Renault 130 horsepower V-6 under the hood. Jerry opted for an F-350 with a Power Stroke Diesel. Besides, I hear Jerry opted for the extended warranty.

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