Ron Morgan

All right, so the Cowboys were playing poorly until a black cat runs out onto the field at the Giants’ stadium, and from thereon, it’s a rout.  The Cowboys commenced to run away from the New Yorkers like the cat ran from security. I’ll have to admit, the cat had some moves.

However, people have gone overboard with this cat thing. They act like the cat was some sort of good luck charm.

Everyone knows …Okay, all those superstitious types know that black cats are bad luck not good luck.

If anyone, for the benefit of those who believe such nonsense, was affected by the cat, it was the Giants. I mean, people must have been on a sugar high from eating their kids Halloween candy to think luck had anything to do with it.

The difference in the past two games hasn’t been any sort of superstition. The difference is that our guys have been healthy. If they stay healthy, knock on wood, they will be all right for the rest of the season. You never know about that.

Our players are susceptible to injury just like anyone else. They put their pants on one leg at a time, just like I do.

The left leg first, then the right followed by the left sock then the right. Oh, that’s not superstition, simply a habit.

Superstition is for the ignorant. Superstition is something I take with a grain of salt (over my left shoulder.) Back when I was coaching, if I only chewed green gum at the game, it was because I like the taste of Doublemint gum. It had absolutely nothing to do with the fact that I was chewing Doublemint the night we beat Ennis for the first time. And, if I walked around the parking lot outside until I found a penny, it wasn’t for luck. I’m just the frugal sort, and a penny can come in handy if you have to pay tax at the concession stand.

Look back to Monday night. The Cowboys were wearing their navy jerseys. Remember, the navy jerseys are supposed to be cursed. The curse goes all the way back to 1968, when they wore navy for the first time that season in a loss to Cleveland in the playoffs. Then they lost Super Bowl V to Baltimore wearing navy for the only time that season.

Of course, they did lose to the other New York dogs this year when the Jets beat them while they were in dark blue. And, Monday night they sure were playing like they were star crossed until that cat ran out. You don’t think that cat broke ….Nah! That’s silly.

Now, they did lose to a Brees-less Saints team in Voodoo town. If there is any place in the world where superstition is alive and well … okay, maybe alive and well isn’t the correct description of Creole beliefs. Maybe the living dead and not-so-well, It’s N’Awlins. Aw, Marie LeBeaux and a Zeke doll with pins in it is nonsense.

What’s supposed to be luckier than a rabbit’s foot? Our Tigers jumped all over those North Forney Jackrabbits…What? North Forney are the Falcons. Forney High School are the jackrabbits? And we … never mind.

It’s not the lucky that win. It’s those who can stay healthy who can win. All Jerry has to do is keep Tyron and the offensive line healthy. Well, and maybe Dak … and Zeke …  and Amari … and Jason. Okay, I’ll just watch and keep my fingers crossed.

It’s unlucky to open an umbrella indoors. Tom Benson used to open his Saint’s umbrella (parasol) in the Super Dome all the time. It only took him 24 years to win a Super Bowl. So there. Of course, 20 years into his umbrella opening there was that Katrina thing.

Then there is paraskevidekatriephobia. Oh, you don’t know that term. That’s fear of Friday the 13th. The Cowboys have NEVER lost a game on Friday the 13th. What? They never play on Friday. Aw, details. That’s irrelevant. They have still never lost on a Friday the 13th.

If Jerry was the superstitious sort, he’d bring back Barry Switzer and have him install the Wishbone. Wishbones are lucky, unless you happen to be a chicken (and I’m still trying to figure out how they grow chickens now days that don’t have wishbones like they used to?).

You don’t need luck. You need skill, hard work and dedication. After all of that, you can sit back and enjoy a bit on game day. You don’t worry about breaking mirrors. You don’t have to walk around ladders. You can simply enjoy real life.

 From what I hear, on game day, Dak Prescott is relaxed. Every game day, Dak enjoys a leisurely breakfast made up of pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars, blue diamonds, purple horseshoes and red balloons. Dak says they’re magically delicious.

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