Ron Morgan

If you recall, the NBA set itself up as the arbiter of social justice a couple of years ago.  In 2017, the professional basketball league moved the All Star game out of Charlotte because North Carolina had passed a bathroom law.

The law said that a biological male must use the men’s restroom, and a biological female must use the women’s restroom.

While the NBA figures climate change is settled science, X and Y chromosomes are still up for debate.

The NBA is a “woke” organization. I had to look up the definition of “woke.” I foolishly assumed it meant not asleep. Now, I find out that “woke” means alert to injustice, as in “we need to stay angry, and stay woke.”

My high school English teachers, assuming they’re not still running around at about age 125, must be turning over in their graves.

It turns out, the NBA is only woke to injustice in the USA, especially in instances regarding the use of toilet facilities.

Obviously, injustice in the rest of the world doesn’t count. North Carolina isn’t nearly as big a market as mainland China.

Daryl Morey, general manager of the Houston Rockets, tweeted support last week for the protestors in Hong Kong. You see, July 1, 1997, China took over Hong Kong from the British under the understanding that there would be “One nation, two governments” meaning Hong Kong would become property of China (from Britain) but that Hong Kong would maintain its own government.

Guess what? China appears to have changed its mind. Now, the citizens of Hong Kong have protested nonstop for months.

Why would Hong Kong do that? Oh, maybe things like Tiananmen Square, 2,000,000 Uyghurs in concentration camps while 2,000,000 more await more camps to be built, Orwellian facial recognition systems to keep tabs on Chinese citizens, the open theft of intellectual properties, the nationalized persecution of Christians, building artificial islands in international waters for military bases and to expand the claim of Chinese sovereignty, supporting the rogue nation of North Korea and being just plain mean.

 We forgive them for crummy dry wall and poison dog treats.

However, the NBA and the Houston Rockets are only woke to American injustice, the type that doesn’t have much financial impact.

One billion Chinese are NBA fans, and they’re fans especially of the Houston Rockets since national icon Yao Ming was a Rocket.

Morey’s tweet was deleted. The NBA then twisted the arm of the Rockets which in turn twisted the arm of Daryl Morey and a string of apologies ensued. What’s the torture of a few million Chinese among friends? At least the Chinese don’t discriminate in powder room usage. (Facial recognition only works on faces, not nether regions.)

You have to weigh both sides like the NBA did: the sale of a few million Yao Ming jerseys, a couple of million more Wang Zhu Zhu jerseys, sponsors for NBA broadcasts in China and hundreds of NBA sponsored youth basketball camps. Will the NBA even miss a couple of million Hongkongers (or are they Honkies?)?

Greed won. Social justice is great as long as you don’t have to make any REAL sacrifices. Kneeling during the national anthem doesn’t take any real sacrifice other than some redneck Facebook posts. Moving the All Star Game was only a minor nuisance. Losing millions of dollars in Chinese goods and sponsorships would have been a REAL sacrifice.

The NBA and the Houston Rockets showed their real colors, green as in green backs, dinero, filthy lucre, mammon or simply money. Standing up against forbidding men in drag from using the ladies’ room cost a few bucks. Standing up to the world’s biggest civil rights abuser would have cost untold millions by threatening the world’s biggest market.

But, you can’t single out the NBA. All sorts of American businesses along with all of us as consumers have succumbed to greed as we ignore what the Chinese do. It’s cheaper for Apple to manufacture I-phones in China while giving them access to the world’s biggest smart phone market. Many, many companies turn a blind eye to what China does in order to sell their goods there.

I dare all of you. Look within a 10 foot radius of where you’re sitting (on a recliner made in China). How many items do you find made in America? Within 2 feet of me, I just picked up a calculator, an analog clock, a TV remote, a lamp, a tape measure, a pair of scissors and a picture frame, all made in China. They’re cheap. I saved money. I turned a blind eye to human rights violations.

The only difference between me and the NBA (besides a difference of 6 inches in height on average) is that I do believe in the sanctity of the bathroom. At my age, I’m only woke at 3:00 a.m.

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