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Mildred grad Zack Hammond won the NCCAA Division I national title in cross country while running for SAGU.

Mildred grad Zack Hammond’s incredible running career just keeps on getting better.

Hammond became the first distance runner at Mildred High School to qualify for the boys state cross country meet when he was a senior, and now he has won the National Christian College Athletic Association’s (NCCAA ) men’s national title while running for Southwestern Assemblies of God University (SAGU) in Waxahachie.

Hammond won the national title in the 8K race with a time of 26:09, a full 21 seconds ahead of the second-place runner.

Hammond has always had an unbelievable desire to succeed and a demanding work ethic, and has improved tremendously since running cross country just one year at Mildred.

He pushed himself to become Mildred’s top distance runner, and had to come back from adversity at SAGU.

“It was a long road to success,” Hammond said. “Track season last spring was an all time low when I was struggling to finish races and practices.”

The pain and the fatigue was so overwhelming that Hammon considered giving up his career as a distance runner.

““I had extreme muscle fatigue,” hammond said. “Months ago I was given into the idea that I may never run the same when I was failing to complete any run over the summer.

“I almost redshirted this cross country season. But I decided to push through though and God just had a different plan for me and I thank him for the struggle that made me successful.”

Hammond showed that same kind of determination when he was at Mildred, making a personal vow to himself to reach the state meet and then fulfilling it the very next year in school.

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