I have a new coaching hero. Nope, it’s not Wade or even Jimmy Genius. It’s not Rick Carlisle or Mack Brown. Give up? It’s Mike Singletary, the new interim coach of the San Francisco Forty-niners.

I hated to see Mike Nolan get fired. His late father was a long-time Cowboy coach then later head coach in both San Francisco and New Orleans. Dick Nolan was a coach in the mold of a Tom Landry, a really classy guy. Mike Nolan followed in Dick’s footsteps going so far as to fight the league to be able to wear a coat and tie on the sideline just like he saw growing up.

On top of everything else, Mike Nolan’s brother is a good friend of mine, so I hated seeing him fired as much for Kelly as for Mike. However, when they moved Mike Singletary up to replace Mike, they went more retro than they knew.

In his first game as interim head coach, the former Bear’s linebacker (both Baylor and Chicago. Would that be a Bear squared?) did something that overshadowed the loss. He did something that every high school, college and NFL coach would envy.

When tight end Vernon Davis got an unnecessary roughness call late in the game, apparently Singletary had something to say as Davis came off the field. Vernon Davis is either not to smart or never saw Mike Singletary play football. He talked back. The former All Pro sent him to the showers, then later said:

"I would rather play with 10 people and just get penalized all the way until we got to do something else, rather than play with 11 when I know that right now that person is not sold out to be a part of this team," Singletary said in an instant Youtube worthy clip. "Cannot play with them. Cannot win with them. Cannot coach with them. Can't do it. I want winners."

I know that Mike has no head coaching experience. He, in fact, didn’t even want to coach when he finished playing. He spent several years being successful in the business world. He may not have all the X’s and O’s, but I’ll tell you this, he’s got the intangibles.

I remember when he came out of Baylor as an All American. He was passed over for quite a while in the draft by a lot of people because he wasn’t big enough to be a NFL linebacker. To quote Julie Roberts in “Pretty Woman” when she went back to the store where they wouldn’t wait on her, “Big mistake. Big, big mistake.”

Singletary was one of the most intense football players I ever saw. He came from an era where you respected the coach, and he demands the same. Talk about an anachronism. There’s not much of that around any more. Players more or less do their own thing today. Bill Parcells was a dinosaur. Jimmy Johnson probably got out of coaching because he just didn’t fit in any more. But, if those guys were dinosaurs, Mike Singletary is an amoeba. He goes way back prior to the Cretaceous period.

Singletary has gone more Vince Lombardi. He played for Grant Teaff in a time when respecting (and maybe fearing) the coach was commonplace. Where Wade might buy a disgruntled player a Happy Meal, the new Forty-niner’s coach took away his free toy and stomped on it.

Singletary is old school. He demands respect. He expects his players to play hard and act right. It’s hard to imagine that those things aren’t in vogue, but that’s the case.

I’m not sure that old school wouldn’t rectify a lot of things right now: Politics, the economy, the crime rate, everything. What a novel idea! Just think what the economy would look like if people only bought what they could pay for. What would the election frenzy be if both sides were honest and forthright? Perhaps, if Mike Singletary doesn’t work out as a NFL coach, we could get into politics. Get into a debate and just try to spin. I dare you.

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