Tigers coach Dave Henigan sees his running game as being off to a solid start going into Friday’s home opener against Jacksonville.

But he also sees room for improvement.

There weren’t a whole lot of busted assignments with five new offensive linemen in the lineup, and that’s a good sign, Henigan said.

There’s also the fact that the Tigers only averaged 2.6 yards per carry, which isn’t what Henigan or any coach is looking for.

“They did well for five new starters,” Henigan said. “We need some technique work.”

Starting tailback JaVonti Hines, who had 99 yards on 27 carries, impressed Henigan with his desire to run between the tackles. That something that Hines established in the spring, when the offensive coaches preached to him to have a four-yard mentality.

Hines had several six- or seven-yard runs and a key nine-yard run toward the end of the game with the Tigers trying to run out the clock.

“He’s bought into it,” Henigan said. “He’s going to run physical.”

Henigan said he thought the Tigers were real close to breaking some long runs with Hines, Cody Evans and Tremaigne Dickson. He said that’s where improved technique should help.

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